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Preaching and Teaching Ministry
One of the values of FSBC is growing in the image of Jesus Christ. One of the primary ways we achieve this is through the preaching and teaching ministry of the church.
I.Preaching Ministry

  1. Summer 2022 – The Baptist Faith and Message – During the summer, we are taking time to learn about our basic beliefs. We will conclude this series on September 4th.
  2. 21 Days of Prayer – Starting on September 11th, the church will set apart 21 days to pray. Each Sunday, we will focus on a different aspect of prayer. There will be a daily devotion to be used during the 21 days.
  3. After God’s Heart – In October, we will begin a series on the life of King David. We will look at what it means to have a heart after God.
  4. Christmas 2022 – Our text this Christmas will be Micah 6:8. How should we understand the requirements of God? At the heart of Christmas is God who came in justice, mercy, and humility.
  5. Romans in 2023 – We will be walking through the Book of Romans next year. It’s going to be an exciting year of spiritual renewal and growth.

II.Teaching Ministry

  1. Morning Devotion – I’ll teach the Book of Hebrews starting September 6th at 7:30 am. I am live every morning, and you can find me on our church’s Facebook page.
  2. Wednesday Night – During Awana, I teach a Bible Study starting at 6:30 pm. On August 31st, we will begin our Fall study on the topic of Heaven. What will heaven be like? What will we do? How do we get there? It’s going to be a fun study.


  1. Kingdom Advancing Christian Education (KACE.) Sundays - 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. 

‚Äč        Spring 2023- Bible Study Methods- Sheldon DeArvil

For many of our classes, we use the For the Church Institute from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary ( Join us and learn from actual Southern Baptist seminary professors.

  1. Sunday School and Life Groups
    1. We also have a Sunday School class for you every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. Life Groups meet throughout the week in a home in the area. Please let Greg know if you are interested in any of these ministries.
  2. Reading Ministry –
    1. Pastor Greg is a reader. Often, he will invite you to join him in reading a book. If you are interested in his current reading schedule, email him.